We are Cruise Tours Benelux – the one stop shop for all your Destination Management needs! 

When looking for a partner do you look for the creativity and fresh look of a start up, or the experience of an established player? We proudly enjoy the best of both worlds; founded in early 2019, we are still a relatively new company, however our team has been part of the industry for years. We are a group of imaginative and competitive people who like to work hard and achieve results. A vision and mission don’t define us, we simply just love what we do and love having an opportunity to do it. 

We are the next generation of Destination Management; fresh, personal and hungry for a challenge! Companies always boast that they think outside the box. Well we took that box, crushed it and put it in the recycling! Our preferred approach is always very personal and this is probably our biggest strength. We get to know our clients so we can anticipate their needs rather than react to them. Since we always have their best interest in mind; its easy to guarantee the service and quality that our clients expect. 

Cruise Tours Benelux does anything and everything related to being a tour operator to cruise lines and services surrounding the Meetings & Events world. But please don’t box us in with labels; we are here to help you! If you have plans but don’t know how to make them a reality, give us a call.  


Our specialists are at the heart of Cruise Tours Benelux. They have travelled extensively and documented it perfectly so you can enjoy your adventures.

Claudia Luisini

Claudia is ‘La Capitana’ of the team, whether rough or calm seas she keeps us afloat! 

The visionary behind Cruise Tours!  After numerous years working in the tourism & events industry, her self-determination lead her to start her own company. She is an intuitive leader who is able to make several decisions at once and quickly. Claudia always likes to think in solutions and not problems. Her never give up attitude, authenticity and reliability are the reasons why clients flock to do business with her. 

Charita de Looper

Charita is our team’s warrior; she is calm, generous and a lot tougher than she looks! 

Despite her countless years of experience in the M & E world and the cruise industry, Charita still grasps at every chance to learn something new. Her skills are multifaceted; she can construct an event from start to end, coordinate multiple transfers or even plan an excursion program from Amsterdam to Ghent. She is dedicated to client services, it is always her pleasure to assist in any way, shape or form. 

Mitch Heeremans

Mitch always makes things as clear as possible. No ‘‘Mitchunderstandings’’ when he’s involved! 

Mitch is a positive self-starter; he takes initiative, begins projects independently and is in control of the whole process. As an expert planner he is able to recall even the smallest detail to make sure that nothing is missed. Mitch started working in tourism when he was just a teenager, since then he has gone from land to sea and everywhere in between. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the team from each experience. 

Stéphanie van Straalen

Stéphanie is the passionate type of person you want on your team! 

Stéphanie has worked in the tourism industry all over the world and has really enjoyed experiencing the different cultures along the way. A great organiser and coordinator; Stéphanie can easily envisage the greater picture and all the steps needed to get there. Confident, disciplined and a natural achiever Stéphanie is our team’s compass; she keeps us on track with her to-do lists and delegating. 

Jahmilla Baptiste

The emotional heart of the team; she will cry, dance or scream with you!

Jahmilla has a strong focus on customer experience backed by her many years in the travel & tourism industry. Her friendly demeanour helps her to build a strong & fast connection with guestsShe has genuine passion for the tourist industry that leads to bursts of creativity and inspiration in her work. Due to her adaptability she has a go with the flow attitude and acclimates quickly to any situation.