Our specialists are at the heart of Cruise Tours. Below you can read something about them. Not everything but still a lot.


Claudia Luisini

President & Founder

Generous and Determined –Claudia is the type of person who will give her last euro to someone who needs it more than her.With her head and heart never being at conflict, Claudia makes decision based on knowledge and more importantly intuition.Being a singer, sheknows how to hit the perfect note whether in song or in business. But be warned, she has been known to hijack the mic at karaoke night so don’t let her go first!If Claudia was a Disney Princess,she would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. This is because she really likes to sing but more importantly,she always sees the good, no matter how ugly the situation is and as a result she has a positive outlook on life. Never thinking in problems but only in solutions is great trait for a leader andfor a Disney Princess. Claudia is ‘La Capitana’ of the team, whether rough or calm seas she keeps us afloat. With years of experience as her chart and her ‘never give up’ attitude as the wind in her sails, she plots the right course and gets us safelyto port every time.Claudia’s favourite word is Amore (Italian for love); not only is she a major sucker for love but she also encompasses herself in the things she loves; her family & friends, music, her work and team.


Charita de Looper

Openminded and compassionate –Charita always has your back no matter the situation.She has countless years of experience but still grasps at every chance to learn something new.Her many years of playing competitive handball have taught her to be a supportive team player, and also makes her one of the more sportive members of the squad.Charita doesn’t take herself too seriously and is guaranteed to supply tons of laughter at her but mostly with her. If Charita could be a superhero she would be Jane Goodall; taking risks, standing up for those who have no voice… except for snakes. If a snake appears,you are on your own!Charita is our team’s warrior; sheis calm, generous and a lot tougher than she looks! Every problem is just a challenge waiting to be overcome.Charita likes to share her lunch, but be warned, if you hack up her butter,she will hack off your head!


Daniel op den Buijsch

Cheerful and Creative –Daniel is a gentle soul who gets along well with almost everyone!If you greet him with “Nǐ hǎo”, Daniel will start a whole conversation with you in Chinese and you will instantly regret your decision (unless you speakChinese). He is our resident polyglot and enjoys communicating with others in different languages. Daniel’s personality is very dynamic; he likes to go with the flow and adjusts quickly to every situation until you pull out an apple and start crunching on it in public. This being his biggest pet peeve, your apple munching will likely result in Daniel giving you some wicked ‘side eye’ and then storming off in a cloud of disgust and irritation. He is our team’s human encyclopaedia; he knows something about everything which in turn makes the whole team smarter but also means that he is always on the same level with you because he truly knows what are talking about.Daniel believes that the bird that best describe him is unquestionably the penguin; witty, meticulous, intelligent and cooperative. However, he doesn’t like cold weather so he would specifically be a Galapagos Penguin; all the penguin perks and a warm tropical habitat… win win! Karaoke Emperor Daniel is a seasoned professional when it comes to this musical pastime. Given the chance, he will take you on truly unforgettable journey around the world through song.


Jahmilla Baptiste

Curious and adventurous –Jahmilla has a refreshing view of the World. Growing up in the industry she’s experienced a lot and can tell you a random unbelievable story related to any situation. Her friends call her Milla because it’s short and sweet just like her. This empath is the emotional heart of the team; she will cry with you, scream with you, and of course help you to emotional eat the generous supply of office chocolate. However,being an empath also helps her to build a strong & fast connection with guests. Jahmilla’s favourite genre of music is “heavy metal covers of pop songs”; just like the music she can also reimagine most ideas in a hard-coreway. A closet eccentric, shealways comes across as normal and very professional but on the inside, she is actually… let’s not go there. Her guilty pleasure is Renaissance art; when she gets her own house, there will be a whole room dedicated to Renaissance paintings of the Virgin Mary (a girl can dream).


Mitch Heeremans

Imaginative and driven –Mitch is always the first to jump at opportunity; he finds challenges invigorating. He started working in tourism when he was just a teenager, however since then he has gone from land to sea and everywhere in between. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the team from eachexperience. Simple and straight to the point, just like his sandwich fillings, Mitchalways tries to make things as clear as possible. No ‘‘Mitchunderstandings ’’ when he’s involved! Mitch thinks his personality is best described by the colour grey and boy is he wrong. Anyone who has met him would agree that the colour should be ‘‘Bright Sparkling Yellow’’. His personality is jovial, welcoming and when he is in his element man does he shine!Mitch is the team’s ‘‘work husband’’; he has a strong need to provide for others, an amazing sense of humour, he takes care of us while also being everyone’s favourite partner in crime.If you have a boat that needs naming, at no point should you let Mitch name it! You’ll end up with the MS Mitchifique (his play on the word Magnifique) and he will demand free boattripsfor life


Stéphanie van Straalen

Fiery but loving –Stéphanie is the type of person you want on your teamand with the nickname Teef (Dutch for the B word) you don’twant to be on the opposingteam! She has worked in the tourism industry all over the world and has really enjoyed experiencing the different cultures along the way. Sascha Fierce ain’t got nothing on her; confident, disciplined and a natural achiever Stéphanie can easily envisage the greater picture and all the steps needed to get there. She has a film or TV impersonation for every situation … “I have a fantastic method for anti-ageing. It’s eating. Plumps out your skin beautifully.”Not only does this make Stéphanie entertaining but it shows that she can think on her feet. Stéphanie is our team’s compass; she keeps us on track with her to-do lists, delegating and let’snot forget the plethora of magical spells. On your last €5? Stephanie will make you spend it on chocolate, because that’s the answer to every problem and you might as well go down eating!