We realise what you want! 

We know what you want before you do, and we make it happen.  The team are experts in organizing any event or excursion you have in mind. Our knowledge, network and creativity have brought us to the top in Benelux destination management.  Our playground is the entire Benelux, we know all the games to play and who to play it with.  Come out and join us!  Discover what else we can do beyond arranging a bus and a guide.

Meeting & Events

We don’t even know that “box” that everyone keeps talking about.

Want to get down to business with your meeting, incentive, congress or event? With our detailed knowledge of venues, hotels, restaurants and a grand network of trusted suppliers and partners; we mean business too. You are in great hands with us for a spectacular event or amazing incentive. Let’s get creative and make it happen like nobody’s business! Boring meetings are ancient history.  

Ground Services

Don’t worry about a thing, you think big, we stay grounded.  

You think it’s difficult to create a seamless experience for thousands of people logistically? Our team has years of experience with transfers and Meet & Greet services. Smooth logistical operations are no challenge for us, just another day at the office! Furthermore, we thrive and flourish during those operations. We will make sure that your guests smile and don’t worry about a thing.   

IT Services

Stay ahead of the game with our convenient IT solutions!  

Our web-based participant management system is the ideal allround solution for your event. Participant management, an event website, ticketing and payment solutions – all combined into one cloud-based software system. With our IT solutions we are ensuring convenience and flexibility to save you both time and money.  

Turnaround Services

Guests turning on the same day can have you spinning in circles.  

With our own in-house trained team of hosts, and years of experience with turnaround services for multiple cruise ships on the same day, we can guarantee the quality you deserve. We make sure thousands of people are welcomed, transferred, checked-in or checked-out safe and sound. We have good connections with all the different parties in the large web involved you can relax and let us walk the straight line.

Tours & Activities

We want to show off our beautiful destinations; so that’s what we do.  

Our places to be should also be yours. Culture, highlights or something a little different; we are constantly exploring. Cruise Tours is your personal database for tours and activities; our team has elaborate knowledge of the Benelux and our network is well developed. We can advise you on what is trending, what should be on your bucket list and where to find the paths not yet travelled by mass tourism.  

Pre & Post Services

We go above and beyond to give you what you want. 

If you suck at goodbyes, cannot get enough of the destination and want to stay longer, we will take care of your stay from A to Z and go beyond the alphabet for you. We know people: we have an intricate local network all over the Benelux. Want to add some extra luxury, local experience or a fun activity? Nothing is too crazy for us; we would love to work our magic for you 


Not really a group person? Focus on me, myself and I 

For the Free Independent Traveller, we customize the trip or activity for you, your family or friends as you wish. With our many contacts in the Benelux, we will guarantee a unique experience and give it that extra twist you would not be able to come up with yourself. Let’s make it a journey you won’t forget! Caution: you might want to keep coming back for more!  

VIP Services

Who doesn’t want to have relaxed and worry-free VIP’s? 

Want to travel through the Benelux without anyone noticing? All VIP’s are in good hands with us. Your happiness and security will be our little secret. Whether you need VIP services at the airport, hotel, transfers, luxury activities, 5 stars in everything, or if you want to go undercover by immersing yourself in local life and forget about all the famous fuss, let us entertain you!  

Virtual Tours

Explore the Benelux in the comfort of your own home 

Would you like to see what the Benelux has got to offer, but are you not able to travel? Or maybe you would like to get a taste of what it would be like before you book your trip. Enjoy our virtual tours of different destinations and experience it as if you are actually there! Take a 360 degree spin and let the guide show you around from the comfort of your own home.