Office Information

What are your opening hours? 

Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 17:00. There’s a good chance that you can find us working later than that, but we can’t promise. Get in touch – we’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

How can I contact you?  

You can call us, e-mail us, write us or come by the office. On our “Contact us”  page you can find our contact details.  

How can we reach you after opening hours? 

Only for urgent matters outside of office hours you can reach us on our emergency phoneIf it’s not an urgent matter; please send an e-mail to:  

You sound like a nice company. Can I come by to meet you?  

Of course you are welcome to come by the office and get to know us! You can find us at the coffee machine, debating whether we want to have a latte, cappuccino, flat white, or maybe just a green tea, while searching for hidden chocolate supply. Let us know when you would like to meet, and we will sit down for a chat to get to know together.  

Guides & Hosts 

I would like to work as a host for Cruise Tours. How can I apply?  

Enthusiastic and responsible hosts are always welcomed to send their resume to info@cruise-tours.nlWe will contact you for a meeting.  

I am a guide. Can I work for Cruise Tours?  

Guides are always welcome to apply to join our guide pool. Please send your resume to We will contact you for a meeting.  

Do your guides speak multiple languages?  

Many of our local guides are genuine polyglots! The local and experienced guides in our guide pool speak many different languages. The most common languages are English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Other languages are upon request.  

What We Do 

Why should we work with Cruise Tours, instead of arranging everything ourselves?  

We can make sure you do not have to worry about a thing. As local experts we have extensive knowledge and experience, to guarantee you not only a trusted and reliable partner, but also a better program than you could have thought of yourself. Moreover, as a tour operator we have special contracts with many attractions and bus companies, so we can provide you with competitive rates.  

Do you sell cruises?  

That would be so much fun! But no, we do not sell cruises. We are a handler for cruise lines in the BeNeLux. This means we organize the shore excursions, transfers and other services that the cruise lines request from us.  

Do you only arrange services for cruise ships?  

We are a Jack of all trades! Next to services for cruise ships, we are also players in the fields of Meetings & Events, private arrangements, VIP services, and much more!  

Are you able to organise services outside of the BeNeLux? 

Yes! As we are part of a big network throughout Europe, we have the connections to help you out wherever needed, not only in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.  

I am planning on organizing a small event, can you help me out with that as well? 

Of course, we can help you out! Please send an e-mail to with the inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

What is the maximum number of guests you can organise an event for? 

The sky is the limit! We have experience in organising events from head to toe for thousands of guests.  

Sustainability & Special Requests 

Can you organise tours that are sustainable and environmentally friendly? 

There are countless green options fotours; we can take you to many places without leaving many footprints.  

Do you organise activities for guests with special needs? 

We have experience with organising activities for guests with special needs, such as tours that are wheelchair accessible. If you have any special needs, like tours for hearing or visually impaired guests, please let us know as we want to give everyone a wonderful experience.  

I am organising an event for children under the age of 18. Am I at the right address?  

Yes, definitely! We have loads of fun ideas for activities and events that are great for children and teenagers. No matter the age, we can make sure everyone enjoys themselves.  

I need to organise a special interest group trip. Can you help me?  

Whether you have a group of gardeners, IT specialists, cooking fanatics, historians, cyclists, cat lovers or beer brewersyou are in good hands with usWe know the interesting sites to visit based on your specialty, and can find you the perfect expert to guide the trip.